In conjunction with Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA) and other local water retailers, SCWD contributed to the development of the valley’s 2005 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP),¬†which projects the valley’s water demand through the year 2030 and identifies the sources of water necessary to meet that demand, including recycled water.

Recycled Water and the Santa Clarita Valley

Recycled water is wastewater that has been treated to remove impurities and used for controlled irrigation uses rather than being discharged into the Santa Clara River. Expanded use of recycled water allows us to reuse this valuable resource and at the same time frees up imported water and groundwater water supplies to meet the potable (drinkable) water demands in the valley.

The 2003 Recycled Water Master Plan (RWMP) outlines a twelve-phase plan that supplies 17,400 acre-feet a year of recycled water for the CLWA service area. Phase I of the recycled water system delivers up to 500 acre-feet of recycled water each year to landscaping along the Old Road south of Magic Mountain Parkway and to The Players Club golf course in the Westridge community.

Now in its second phase, the recycled water program will take water from the Saugus Water Reclamation Plant and route it through an existing pipeline north under the Santa Clara River in the vicinity of Bouquet Creek. It is estimated that this phase of the recycled water program will serve another 500 acre-feet of recycled water a year.

SCWD remains committed to the vision set forth in both the RWMP and the UWMP. It is our goal to ensure that customers continue to have a reliable source of water for the future.